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If we look at the watch brands who are offering models with skulls on dials, it seems that skull watches have been gaining in popularity over the last few years. Skulls are available in many different styles, including enameled or engraved, stylized or crossbones. The Swiss watch brand Pierre DeRoche has released the latest skull watch, the TNT Royal Retro Skull. It features a skull in the middle of the face.

The Chopard Replica Watches plays with light and shade. The "light trapping method" is used to outline the main feature of the watch, the skull. This fascinating way of combining metal and this promising form or expertise results in contrasting nuances.

The skull is colossal when it's encrusted in a laser engraving technique.Chopard Replica Watches The blue and luminous hands of the gladiator sword style are passed before its eye sockets. At the 6 o'clock position, a discreet white background displays the exact date.

The Chopard Replica Watches contains an automatic caliber that is equipped with six retrograde seconds mechanism, specially developed by Dubois Depraz. The six hands are used to count out the minute. Each hand counts out 10 seconds, before moving on to the next. The retrograde seconds dial is divided into six sections of 10 seconds.

The movement has an oscillating mass decorated with engravings,Patek Philippe replica watches a central bridge, six seconds bridges chamfered in satin finish, and a minute dial with the logo of the brand.

The "light-trapping" method is used to create the black zones on the central skull bridge. This involves laser engraving a motif onto a background with an irregular topography, which prevents the light from passing through.